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Wednesdays 8.45-9.30pm- Pilates@ Pure Gym Caversham Road

Fridays 7.15-8pm- Yoga @ Pure Gym Caversham Road

Sunday 7.45-8.45pm Yoga Foundations- Online

Events/ Courses

January 2023- Lift Lean Winter edition! For the whole of January I am offering the brilliant lift-lean . Nutrition, Education/science, Exercise sessions, meditiations and more £17 for the whole month! 

Red January/Move for mind

I am, as a personal challenge, taking on Red January and Move for Mind. Red January requires some form of movement every day, and Move for Mind requires 31 minutes pf movement per day. These both benefit the the mental health of the participant- me or you as well if you join me, and mental health charities if you donate. 

Start your new year of in the best way and get moving! join me :) 

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