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whatever your goal, there is something here to suit you!


available in 1:1 and small groups 

can be tailored towards a specific event or sport

can help you achieve your weight goals 

can give you more confidence and help you feel better about yourself

available in the comfort of your own home.


           Sports and exercise Nutritional advice
I can help you adjust your diet to prepare for a specific event such as a competition or race.
I have extensive education in nutrition to be able to support you in meeting your goals and am able to do so with confidence. 
           Yoga/ Pilates
The benefits of Yoga and Pilates are many and varied and the earlier this is included in a person's life, the longer they will feel the benefits. This is particularly important as people lead such stressful lives and are put under enormous pressure from every angle of life. Yoga can teach coping mechanisms to manage stress and also give physical benefits such as improved muscle length, flexibility and core strength, weight loss and better sleep quality without being high impact and fast paced. Yoga is non-competitive and this is an additional aspect that may suit those who do not enjoy traditional sports classes for whatever reason. There are many different styles of Yoga so there is bound to be one to suit you. 
Pilates is very similar but is a much newer form of exercise system. Yoga is thousands of years old and Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the first world war to assist in the rehabilitation and strength and fitness of his fellow prisoners of war. The range of styles of Pilates available spans from clinical and rehabilitation, all the way up to the much more intense ,almost aerobic class styles. 



Kettle Ball
             Muscle tone
Through the use of resistance training, I can assist you in building muscle to get results. I can teach you a variety of techniques and how to use the equipment available to your best advantage, whether it be dumbells, barbells or just pure bodyweight. 
             Functional Training
The style of training known as functional training can enable you to perform daily activities or sports specific movements with greater ease and efficiency and to a greater ability. This is training for improved function of your body as opposed to a muscle or cardiovascular goal. I am able to incorperate this method into training programmes which can help you perform these tasks and movements to the best of your ability.



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