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My reasons for change

a bit of background about me for you. I've always been interested in sports and exercise, enjoyed horseriding at weekends, athletics and badminton at school but wasn't popular enough to get picked for any teams. After I left school I went to the gym and fell in love with BodyPump classes.

A few years later I was diagnosed with anxiety and moderate depression. I was on a rather high dose of antidepressants which made my weight rocket. I had a few issues surrounding my relationship with food, ranging from binge-eating to my brain deciding all 'real' food was to be rejected so would survive on meal replacement shakes for weeks at a time as that was the only thing that wouldn't make me nauseous or sick.

a few months after that I saw a picture taken at a friend's wedding of me and decided I couldn't stand to see myself like this any longer. I weaned myself off the medication, joined a gym and braved my first Yoga class alone. the rush I got from attending that class and making the decision to change was incredible!

After pursuing a career in Childcare for many years and reaching management level I began taking courses related to health and fitness out of pure interest, for no other reason than to keep me busy in my free time. I realised I was actually quite good at what I was studying and wanted to learn more and continue to do so. I have taken courses that allow me to continue to work with children, as anything that encourages young people to be more active and take time for themselves is no bad thing. My passion for learning and improving myself both physically and mentally means I continually strive for the best results for both myself and those I am working with in any capacity.

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