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I've been thinking about this topic for some time. Eggs are often demonised as a food product and whether you are pro or anti eggs there are several things that cannot be ignored. I am specifically looking at chicken's eggs in this instance.

Eggs have been a food product that has caused a lot of controversy over the last few years for many reasons. There are several facts about eggs which are indisputable. These include being low calorie, low fat, high in protein and therefore very popular in the bodybuilding community, and contain many vitamins (all the B vitamins) and minerals including some that do not occur naturally in many other places

There are many issues of course that are linked to eggs in particular, that they have high levels of cholesterol, have a strong link with salmonella (which is why you're not supposed to let children eat raw cake mix) and the welfare of the hens that produce them.

The level of cholesterol in eggs is high, however whilst eating a balanced and sensible diet eggs should not cause a problem and also unless someone is suffering with cholesterol problems.

The salmonella bacterium no longer poses a problem once the egg is cooked thoroughly to kill the bacteria.

The welfare of the hens is a big issue for me, as with everyone else concerned with animal welfare, the conditions that some hens are kept in to produce their eggs is inhumane and completely disgusting. I absolutely believe that battery farming should be banned worldwide as it has been here in the UK since 2012, even though I'm sure some farms still use this method. If you are pro-egg, the only real choice to maintain a clear conscience is to buy free range.

I'm not trying to start a debate and I'm sure that I will revisit this topic from another angle at a later date, I just felt I had a duty to lay (no pun intended) out the facts as I see them and let those who are unsure or wary be a bit more informed. I myself am intolerant to eggs and avoid using them where possible for that reason as too many makes me feel unwell.

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