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weight-loss supplements and products

Once again I find myself writing about a very broad subject, this is because I am sure I shall return to the subject before too long and discuss more of the topic I have not covered. Today I want to talk in particular detail about weight-loss products and supplements.

As someone who has lost a fair amount of weight personally, which I did without the aid of supplements, I don't really feel the need for them but I understand that some people rely on them and find them very helpful.

I find the marketing of some supplements to be incredibly unethical and reading adverts for some of them makes me very angry as the claims made in the adverts are not achievable or sustainable and even less healthy. For example, seeing adverts promising weight-loss at a rate of a stone (14lbs) in a month is for the most part, unrealistic and an unhealthy rate at which to lose weight. A safe and sustainable rate to aim for is between 0.5-2lbs a week. Of course someone with a lot of weight to lose may well lose more than 2lbs a week and do so in a healthy way but eventually the rate of loss will slow.

Above all else it is important to know what ingredients are in the supplement you choose to take as some contain harsh chemicals and laxatives that with sustained use can be harmful to the body and as a fitness professional I would never recommend such a product. The most effective method of weight-loss in my experience has been exercise and a healthy diet and I will discuss diets in detail at a later date.

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